Kani Pershia Ltd , started its works as an active mining company since 2006 in Northwest of Iran. Our main activity is exploration, extraction and processing non-metallic and metallic mines.

At present, we have three active green onyx, pumice and chocolate travertine mines and some under developed lime, dolomite, marble mines with noticeable reserve.

 In the new stage of our company development, we have extended our works in searching, discovering and investing in non-ferrous mines, particularly gold and copper, based on this we started new studies and extensive researches for approaching to this new goal. According to the high potential of East Azarbaijan province in existing valuable mines such as copper and gold , and due to being on one of the world famous metallogenic belt (Tethyan metallogenic belt), we could recognize some areas with high potential for gold and copper in this province and get necessary  permits from the government for starting their exploration works. Now our company has a considerable investment in the above mentioned exploration areas and all of these areas are in different stages of exploration.

We have made our business based on: commitment to the local communities in order to increase their welfare, responsibility for environmental protection, mutual trust with our partners and optimism about the future.

    We are able to assure our investors of the fast growth and high value of their shares in a near future.