Kani pershia 's main goal is to become an international mining company by boosting the investment, cooperating with leading international mining company and using of efficient and  new technology. On this basis we began using of our facilities and experiences to achieve this goal relying on Iran new government policy on extending investment in the mining sector as one of the main potentials and priorities in developing the country. Also, the head office establishing in East Azarbaijan province which is one of the high potential Iran regions for exploration of precious metals such as gold, copper and etc , plays an important role in increasing the company success .
All of the company's under exploration gold, copper, lead and zinc mines, are located in East Azarbaijan province and according to the available facilities of this province such as: international airport, regular transport system, exemplary social security and organized office and government agencies and etc, have created suitable conditions to attract foreign investors for expanding and developing this company's mines.