Mining in Iran has so long and wonderful history.  As can be inferred from the historical writings, ancient mining evidence and old discovered containers and objects exist in famous museum, the history on mining in Iran returns to Paleolithic age. Iranian were among the first people who tried to discover different metallic mines especially lead, zinc, copper and gold and they could achieve to the knowledge of extracting and processing of them . For example,  the works which gathered from first and two level of ancient hill, Tel Eblis,  in modern Kerman province , can be confirmed this claim that old Iranian achieve copper from Malachite restoration .

According to Dr.Kaldon studies, using of radioactive test on pottery samples which collected from this area proved that these objects were related to copper smelting with 6000 years ages.

Also, at present in many modern lead, zinc, copper. gold and etc mines in Iran old mining works can be seen , that they are include:  dug tunnels, the remaining containers and metallic objects and also melting furnace slags related to so far past.