Iran with 1,648,000 km2 space is located in the middle east in west north of Asia , the northern hemisphere. It is located on the tethyan metallogenic belt, one of the world main metallogenic belts. This metallogenic belt starts from north of Italy and after crossing Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey enters to Iran and ends in Pakistan.

This belt is hosted of so many copper, gold, iron and etc mines in above mentioned countries that some of them are under extraction and most of them are in different stages of exploration.

Based on the last available information 68 kinds of mineral materials exist in Iran which according to calculation and discoveries till now existence of 58 billion tons probable reserve and more than 41 billion tons proven reserve become certain.

Iran is one of the world main and richest reserves in the fields of copper, iron, coal, lead, zinc,
chromite - barite – manganese,  plaster and decorative stones . As in the field of copper, Iran has  the rank of 9, in iron ore 12, lead and zinc in 20 and in chalk and decorative stones has so considerable reserve too.