Alaviq exploration area with 18 km2 space is located in SW of Kaleybar city, East- Azarbaidjan. The area is a part of Tertiary-Quaternary magmatic zone (Stocklin,1977) and  Arasbaran  volcano- plutonic  belt.  The most important geologic features in the area are Sheivar batholith and Kaleybar nephelyn syenitic body. Mineralized siliceous veins and pyritized zones are the characteristic property of the area.

The injection of  Sheivar batholith into Upper-Cretaceous volcanic and flysch-like  rocks  caused   contact metamorphism, formation of skarn and alteration in these rocks. Around  Saridara village,  injection of intrusive into carbonate rocks cause Fe skarn formation. Also in shale and sandstone rocks and Upper- Cretaceous volcanic, Pyrite  is formed as disseminated and vein-veinlets types .

Delayed  phases  related  to Sheivar  plutonism  cause the injection of siliceous veins with E-W trend within  Sheivar  granitic  body  and Upper-Cretaceous flysch-like rocks. These siliceous veins have different width from 2-5m and the length of some of them reach to 2 km .

The gold grade is notable in these veins and they are host of gold mineralization . Olygist is formed in the marginal parts of these veins.