Qizillikh exploration area with 27 km2 space is located in Sarab city, East- Azarbaidjan. The area is a part of Tertiary-Quaternary magmatic zone (Stocklin, 1977). Bedrock outcrops in Qizillikh exploration area base on their age and 1:25000 geologic map include Eocene volcanic and volcano-clastic units and Neogene basic volcanic rocks which cut by porphyry quartz-monzonitic and delayed granodioritic intrusions . The intrusive cropped out in central towards Southern parts of the area. Dikes of delayed granitoidic body are injected into porphyric quartz- monzonite. Extensive hydrothermal alterations are happened in porphyry quartz-monzonite.

Mineralization in the body mainly consist of pyrite and is in the form of disseminated and vein-veinlet. In the chemical analysis of the body's some samples, notable Mo grades (140 ppm) has been reported. Pyrite mineralization in the porphyry granodiorite and related dikes units are in disseminated form and chalcopyrite and molybdenite mineralization are in vein-veinlet form and  joint surface fillers can be observed . According to observed anomalies of Mo in both bodies and also the existing of polymetallic epithermal veins in the margins of the system, it seems that the area susceptible for porphyry Cu-Mo deposit type.