Arpaliq  exploration area with 24 km2 space  is  located in NW of  Varzeghan city, East- Azarbaidjan . The area is a part of Tertiary- Quaternary magmatic zone (Stocklin,1977), including a belt of Tertiary to Quaternary volcanic rocks which is cut by hypabyssal intrusive bodies and hydrothermal alteration and relevant mineralization have been created by that in these rocks.Exploration studies were began in this area since 2014 , that led to the identification of a quartz-monzonite porphyry mass with noticeable amount.


Mineralization in porphyry quartz-monzonitic body includes disseminated and vein-veinlets forms of pyrite and in the contact places of this body with upper-cretaceous carbonates  rocks, Brazin Fe skarn is formed that is distinguishable with iron-cap in surface and magnetite mineralization along with low amount of pyrite and chalcopyrite.

According to the gold particles recorded in the stream sediment and heavy mineral geochemical studies in available streams on porphyry body and geochemical anomalies of Sb and As in porphyry body and skarn samples, it seems that the body carrier porphyry gold mineralization type.


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