Shahali beygloo exploration area with 19 km2 space is located in NE of Mianeh city , East Azarbaijan. The area is a part of Tertiary-Quaternary magmatic belt (Stocklin,1977) and also is a part of western Alborz-Azarbaijan volcano- plutonic belt. Shahali beygloo polymetallic vein-type  deposit is located in this area which have been attractive for miners from long time ago and old exploratory and extractive  activities  have been done on it.

Polymetallic veins with two different trends of NE-SW and NW-SE observed in the area. Shahali beygloo polymetallic vein-type deposit is formed in a vein with NE-SW trend and  2.5 km approximate length and 4 to 11 m width. There is another vein system perpendicular on the main vein that cut it and no more exploratory work  have done on that.