Sorkheh Dizaj  exploration  area with 18 km2 space  is located  in  NW of Varzeghan city and South of Hizehjan village. The area is a part of Tertiary- Quaternary magmatic zone (Stocklin, 1977) and also Arasbaran volcano- plutonic belt. The most important geologic feature in the area is extensive hydrothermal alteration and multiple siliceous veins that with relief morphology are visible in the area.

Eocene volcanic and volcanoclastic rocks in northern part of the area encounter extensive hydrothermal alterations, that cause the formation of alunite and iron oxides-hydroxides in the rocks surface. Phyllic to argillic hydrothermal alteration can be seen in Eocene volcanic-volcanoclastic deposits. The existence of large amount of pyrite  inside rocks body and also in the fracture and joint system trend and gold mineralized siliceous vein (auriferous)  are among signs of alteration and mineralization in the area .

Siliceous veins in the northern part of the area has NE-SW trend  with the curved , warping down to the southeast. Hizehjan gold mine area is located in NE of Sorkheh Dizaj exploration area which contains gold bearing NW-SE siliceous veins and has warping down to the southwest. So it seems that it is belong to the marginal epithermal veins of a buried porphyric system and this body's probable place can be Sorkhe Dizaj village to Hizehjan village.