Rezakhanloo exploration area with 12 km2 space is located in NW of Mianeh city between Glichchi and Rezakhanloo villages. The area is a part of Tertiary-Quaternary magmatic belt (Stocklin, 1977) and also a part of western Alborz-Azarbaijan  volcano-plutonic magmatic  belt and in somewhat Sahand-Bazman structural zones.

The main part of alteration zones in the area are related to Rezakhanloo porphyry quartz-monzonite body injection. Microscopic experiments and field investigation showed that both of intrusive bodies have injected to this area in a short time interval. Both of intrusive are intensively altered and quartz-monzonitic body is younger than micro-dioritic body. Siliceous lenses result of intense alteration can be seen among strongly altered part of the body which is related to the intense acid leaching.

Pyrite mineralization can be seen in the body  in the form of disseminated and also hematite and martite exist in the form of disseminated in the area  that in high probable is pyrite alteration product. ICP chemical analysis results from surface samples showed that this body  with 90 ppm molybdenum is the most probably susceptible for Mo porphyry  type  mineralization. Polymetalic vein- type mineralization are visible in western margin of the area.